Welcome to Kristato.org

Hi! My name is Kristy and this is my website! This is where I will be uploading my art. I have been working on this art since I was in 1st grade and until now I have improved my skills rapidly. I will be putting stories and all my art on this page. Please do not steal my art because I work very hard to do these and I spent a lot of time with these art. I hope you enjoy!
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this is a self portrait I made

Art Requests

I will be able to take all your art requests too! Well depending on how many there will be. But I will do my absolute best to get to everyone's art and I will do my best to satisfy everyone that requests! Please do not request anything that is inappropriate! If you request something inappropriate I will skip your drawing! Here is how to request:

And I will upload your art as soon as I finish

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Think you can't do art? Try reading this for a little inspiration!

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