My Character Designs

The characters that will be shown on this page are all MY CHARACTERS so please do not steal them and call them your own

These characters took me years to make and I put a lot of effort into their designs, backstories, and personalities



David was the one that helped me make Max and he may continue helping me with character design so I will give him half credit in the picture he helped me out with

  1. Crystal

  2. Crystal

    She is the age of 23 and she lives in an apocolypse bomb shelter because the Earth was invaded by monsters from a portal in the sky. She lives in the bomb shelter with her best friend Max and her dog who is now a ghost because the poor dog was killed, protecting his owner from monsters. Crystal has an interest in paranormal activities and writing stories containing mythical creatures and adventure because she has always wanted t explore the unknown

  3. Max

  4. Max

    (MAX IS A CHARACTER ME AND MY FRIEND DAVID MADE SO I GIVE HALF CREDIT TO HIM) Max is Crystals best friend and about the same age. He is a cyborg because he lost bodyparts in a car crash and he couldnt recover them. He has a slight "interest" in Crystal

  5. Veronica

  6. Veronica

    Veronica is a fire demon who spends her days tricking people and stealing from them. She has interests in tricking people and eventually stealing valuables

  7. ELizabeth

  8. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth is a warrior elf that rebelled against other monsters and she helps protect the humans from harm. She enjoys doing target practice with her bow and she enjoys singing when she is alone

  9. Asphurus

  10. Asphurus

    Asphurus is a gray german sheperd's ghost. He died while fighting a konster to defemd his owner, Crystal. Asphurus has an interest in adventuring and running around.Ane indeed, he is a very good boy :3

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